September 29, 2013

My first bandsaw box

I've had the  bandsaw for a while now so I figured that it was finally time to make a bandsaw box.  All the bandsaw boxes out there are all curved and graceful looking so I wanted to see if I could make one all boxy with a square drawer.  I couldn't be bothered to glue anything together so I grabbed a well used and abused piece of scrap 2x4.  Here is the result.

I forgot to take any pictures while I was actually cutting it so here it is all cut up.

The first thing I did was to cut the back off.

I then cut the top and the bottom off.

September 17, 2013

Project - How to build a 5 board bench

My sister recently bought a used table on Craigslist but it only came with 3 chairs so she asked me to make her one.  Her only request was that it be 17" tall and flat black to match the other chairs.  I did some looking around on the web and found the traditional 5 board bench design.  I also found Charles Neil's video on YouTube and figured that I could build a variation on that design.  It also gave me an excuse to try out the new bandsaw. You can download a free sketchup file of this project in the downloads section of this site and you can also watch a video of me building it here:

I started by cutting the legs to rough length using my little cordless saw.  I don't feel safe cutting
pieces that long on my contractor table saw.

I then cut them to length and width on the tablesaw.

Here are all the pieces cut to size.  There is 1 extra 1x6 in this picture because I was originally
going to put a support shelf under the seat but the legs are slightly bowed and it didn't match
up when I cut the shelf straight so I decided not to use it.

September 3, 2013

New project started, a modified version of a 5 board bench!

I started a new project this weekend.  My sister asked me to make her a bench so I did some searching and decided to make a modified version of a 5 board bench.  Here are a couple pictures of it held together with clamps.  Look for a full build post coming soon!