July 11, 2013

I have a question about proper terminology

I made a little vinyl logo for my son's lego case saying "handcrafted by Donald LeBlanc".  I posted a video on Keek about it and another user brought up a good question.  I used power tools to make the case and a vinyl cutting machine for the lettering.  Is it really considered hand crafted?  If that is not the proper term then what is?  I am leaning towards "custom made".

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  1. If robots didn't make it for you, you can call it Handcrafted. Hand tool guys get all worked up about it, but it is just using tools to build something instead of a machine mass producing it. If you get down to the details, no one could call anything hand crafted unless they didn't use any tools, just their bare hands. A tool is a tool, some just have cords coming out of them.