April 2, 2013

New dado insert for my Skil 3410 table saw

I recently wrote an post on making a zero clearance insert plate for my table saw.  The main reason that I made that insert was because I could not find a dado insert made for my table saw.  I did some more searching and finally found one on eReplacementParts.com.  In the description it gave the model number for the part it was replacing.  I then took that model number and plugged it into the search on the Skil site and was able to find the OEM part!  It did not give a picture and only gave a description of "Dado Insert Kit for 3410 Table Saw".  The after market website had a small picture that showed a nut and washer so I was cautiously optimistic that this one would come with one too.  It turns out that it did come with a new washer/nut combo for the arbor that is slimmer and I can now install my full dado stack!

Here's the pic from the after market website.

I felt like a kid on Christmas when it finally got here.
That was a pretty big box just to ship this little one but it
got here safe!

 Out of the box.
No question about it, it's made for my table saw!

Here it is with a nut/washer combo and another washer that replaces
the one on the other side of the blade.

Here's all my inserts.

This is the zero clearance insert that I made.

Here is the new one installed with a 1/2" dado stack.  There is plenty of room
to fit in the whole 13/16" stack!

Here is the old washer/nut combo next to the new one.


  1. Can I get an exact link to where you found it? I can't seem to replicate your for fortune. Thanks!

  2. Here you go.

    Goto https://www.boschtoolsservice.com/Search/QuickPartsOrder.aspx and enter this number 2610011337 in the Part Number search.

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  4. Donald your page is the gift that keeps on giving. I have the Skil 3310 (have I told you how eerily similar our setups are?) and was dying for a dado blade insert. I looked on the site you provided and found one but had to call Skil to verify it fit my table. It did and I ordered it today. I'm so stoked!

    Seriously man email me and I'll share some of my pics and whatnot with you. joe@nunez.com (deleted and re-added so it will notify me if you reply)

  5. Hey Joe N.(or anyone that can help), I have that same saw (skil 3310) and I too need the dado insert. I looked on the sites the other guys listed but I can't seem to find it if anyone can help it'll be greatly appreciated. If possible could you email me any info. knightmw05@yahoo.com. thanks

  6. Mike K - the part you want is this one:


    It doesn't specifically say its for the 3310 but a quick call to Skil and I confirmed it is. Please keep in mind (as I've already bought and used it) that you will lose some depth capability on your dados because the insert will not allow the full 10" dado stack to come up too far without striking the insert. I have never had an issue with it but at first I thought it didn't fit. Turns out I'm just a little limited on the depths I can do with the insert.

    Good luck!

  7. what material dd u make your insert out of i tried making one out of plywood but its too flimsy

  8. what material dd u make your insert out of i tried making one out of plywood but its too flimsy

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