April 29, 2013

I made my first picture frame!

My wife made a new chore chart for the family out of a piece of 20"x30" foam board and asked me how we should hang it on the wall.  I've been looking for an excuse to make a picture frame so I told her that I would take care of it.  She had already decorated the board and the writing at the top was all the way to the edge so I had to come up with a way to frame it.  My answer was to make a groove on the front of the board and just inset it in.  This made the job a little harder because I had to make that groove perfect to fit the board.  I just took my time and made several small cuts and inched up on it and I think that it turned out really good.

April 23, 2013

New Yankee Workshop Workbench - Leveling and tray installation

I made the bench feet with some scrap 2x4 that I had leftover.  This turned out to be a bad idea because it made the bench really wobbly.  I cut some new feet out of some 3/4" stock and then shimmed 2 of them and the bench is solid as a rock now.  I also screwed in the side boards and the tool tray.  My should vise screw also came in the mail so it is time to make the tailstock!

April 17, 2013

New Yankee Workshop Workbench update - cutting the inserts out of the top

I cut the slot out of the benchtop for the dogs and tailstock.  What a giant pain in the rear?  Norm does it in the video in like 30 seconds and it took me nearly an hour.

April 10, 2013

New Yankee workbench update.

I got the benchtop all cut down to size and screwed together.  I also cut the dado's and grooves for the rear tray.  All I have left now is to cut the pieces out of the top for the dogs and tailstock.  My bench vise screw should be in any time now.  When it comes in I will build and install the tailstock.

April 2, 2013

New dado insert for my Skil 3410 table saw

I recently wrote an post on making a zero clearance insert plate for my table saw.  The main reason that I made that insert was because I could not find a dado insert made for my table saw.  I did some more searching and finally found one on eReplacementParts.com.  In the description it gave the model number for the part it was replacing.  I then took that model number and plugged it into the search on the Skil site and was able to find the OEM part!  It did not give a picture and only gave a description of "Dado Insert Kit for 3410 Table Saw".  The after market website had a small picture that showed a nut and washer so I was cautiously optimistic that this one would come with one too.  It turns out that it did come with a new washer/nut combo for the arbor that is slimmer and I can now install my full dado stack!

Here's the pic from the after market website.

I felt like a kid on Christmas when it finally got here.
That was a pretty big box just to ship this little one but it
got here safe!

 Out of the box.
No question about it, it's made for my table saw!

Here it is with a nut/washer combo and another washer that replaces
the one on the other side of the blade.

Here's all my inserts.

This is the zero clearance insert that I made.

Here is the new one installed with a 1/2" dado stack.  There is plenty of room
to fit in the whole 13/16" stack!

Here is the old washer/nut combo next to the new one.