November 26, 2012

The mallet is really starting to take shape

I was able to go out and spend some time on the mallet yesterday and it is really starting to take shape.  Like most of my projects this involved doing a lot of things for the first time.  I removed the safety guards on the tablesaw for the first time (I made sure the kids were inside) and made a tenon on the tablesaw.

This is how the head started out looking.

I cut the end to make it uniform and then realized that the mitre saw was still set to 2 degrees from when I made the wedge from inside the mallet head.

Now the head is all squared up.

I set the tablesaw at a 15 degree angle to chop off the corners of the head.

Checking to make sure the angle was set up correctly.

I drew on the end of the head so that I could verify that the blade and the fence were setup correctly before I cut the corners off.

I placed the head on the end of the handle so I could mark how much to nibble off.

I used a spacer block to help avoid kickback.  That's what all the woodworkers on YouTube do so I figured that I would play it safe and do the same thing.

I cut a smaller section first to fine tune the fit before I did the whole section.

Just verifying the mark that I made earlier.  I ended up starting on the top of the mark so that I could have a little bit sticking out of the top of the head.

Halfway there.

Checking to see how much I need to take off the sides.

I started on the inside and worked my way out.  I also took a file and smoothed out the tenon to get it to fit into the handle properly.

The handle is way too big and square for my hand but it is starting to look like a mallet!

Now I just need to figure out how I am going to shape the handle.


  1. Um, I was just wondering about the squarish handle... maybe shape it before you attach the head? Or is it too late, lol. I recently came across some 4 inch walnut stock, a few pieces were cracked towards the end, split, etc, but I was able to pull 2 nice size pieces off to make 2 mallets. One monster and one smaller more usable one. I had a handle laying around that I used for one, and bought a hickory for the other. Never thought about making the handle :)

  2. The handle isn't actually glued in yet, it is just pushed into the head. I am making this mallet from a video I watched on YouTube from Wood Working for Mere Mortals. He used a bandsaw to cut the handle down to size but I do not have one. I am thinking of cutting it down some on the tablesaw and then just sanding the heck out of it.